My name is Monika Jankowska Olejnik, but call me Jankosia. I finished Painting on Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Yes, I was meant to be a painter. Now I am occupied with photography, illustration, I clean, do the laundry, I am a wife, a mother, a gardener and a housekeeper. The only thing I can’t be occupied with right now is being a painter. Or maybe I can. However, photography is my favorite medium nowadays. It carries such huge potential so I am unable to stop myself from using it.

It is said that people with a camera are divided – there are observers and arrangers. If it is true, then without doubt I belong to that second group. I am not one of these people who would not go anywhere without their camera. Way too frequently I don’t have enough courage to capture things that happen in the certain moments. I am saving each shot and before I am able to make a decision if the moment is significant, it is already gone. That’s probably something you receive at birth. However, I do not think that arranging is something inferior in photography. Also, I don’t think it can replace observation. It is necessary to always be an open-eyed observer of day-to-day life as it makes us able to have something to say at all. Ways of expressing personal opinions are side issues. I have already chosen, but I am not confident it won’t ever change. I am too young to be self-avowed.





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