Have you found my t-shirt? Let’s get to know each other. “The story of one shirt”


The project came into existence this year and I hope that it will develop further. Since some time I am extremely interested in so-called “found photography”. As a regular customer of second-hand shops I’ve very often come across shirts embellished with iron-on transfers of private photos. As they are usually accompanied by personal annotations, it seems that these objects have already crossed many borders. I thought it was incredible that in the end they fell into my hands. Someone who is a complete stranger to me takes his/her private photo, sometimes of a child or a boyfriend, makes an iron-on transfer, wears the embellished shirt, sleeps in it or gives it as a gift. I’m imagining the further events. I wonder why were these photos abandoned. Because of spring-cleaning? By accident? Donation to the Poor? It’s obvious that in everyone’s house are objects from all over the world, a television from China, a blouse from Thailand, a bicycle from Morocco and a keyboard… oh! Also from China. I own plenty of things which were devised, designed, constructed and used by somebody some time ago. Then they travelled by car, by plane, on a ship, they were laid down somewhere  and finally they reached their destination at my house. These relations exist, but I don’t think about it every day. It’s a different situation when someone’s record of private life fall into my hands, when I buy for a pittance a piece of somebody’s privacy, an event seen personally by someone. Also, it came to my mind that it could be unfair to make a simple publication. If I take something, I should give something. That’s how I came up with the idea of transferring an image of my face (but not so overtly revealed) onto a t-shirt and then “set free” the finished item. These shirts end up in various places. I leave them in second-hand shops, I put them in special clothes containers and wonder where will they go. I give them to my friends and also send them by post. I’m so curious about their current location. If you came into possession of such shirt, then please, write to me. I really want to get to know you.




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